A Cultured Basotho Tour

For those on a time constraint, this full day trip packs in a trip up the Sani Pass and an enlightening cultural experience in a Basotho village…

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Sani Pass > Lesotho.

We ascend the vaunted Sani Pass for a quick day trip into the Mountain Kingdom. Throughout the day, we’ll meet a traditional Sangoma (medicine lady), experience a beautiful show of Basotho culture from a group of undulating and singing ladies while a guide narrates their way of life. To top it off, we’ll then get a taste of traditional home-baked bread. No trip up the Sani is complete with a stop at the highest pub in africa for refreshments, before heading back down the pass.

PACKAGE DETAILS - R1500.00 p/p


Sani Border Sign

Day Trip: 07:30 to 17:30

7:30 Depart from Underberg for Lesotho. Lesotho is a constitutional monarch and is completely landlocked by South Africa.

To drive from KwaZulu Natal to Lesotho we only have one drive-able road and that is the Sani Pass, which happens to be the highest drive-able pass in South Africa.

9:30 We arrive at the Sani Pass border control which is located at 1968m above sea level. We stamp passports and have a chance to use restrooms.
We then tackle the Sani Pass which is 8 km’s long. After conquering the hair raising hair pin bends we reach the top.

10:45 We stamp into Lesotho at a height of 2873m above sea level. From there we drive to 3240m above sea level which is the top of Black Mountain Pass, this will be the highest point for the day.

We arrive at the village where we will have our picnic lunch.

12:30 Stop over at the Sangoma’s hut (medicine lady), this intriguing way of healing and communicating with ancestors which is still an important way of life for many African people not just Basotho, will be demonstrated and explained.

After that we visit a group of basotho ladies, they welcome us in song and ululation. We enjoy a beautiful show of basotho culture, singing and dancing whilst a basotho guide narrates to you about their way of life.

We get a taste of home baked basotho bread and home brewed beer, quite an experience.

14:30 Drive back to the highest pub in Africa for refreshments.



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